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The SRK institute of Management, & Computer Education was established in 2006 under the aegis of the karmaniketan Trust founded by its illustrious president Shri. Arjanbhai Kangad. The institute has a very clear-cut perspective of becoming academically responsive to the requirements of the Indian industry and commercial establishments. It has a set for itself the goals of a flair for innovation and capacity for adapting to the changing corporate scenario. The institute draws its strength from a pool of a highly qualified and experienced faculty

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To create excellent learning ambience through innovation in teaching, research and consultancy for the purpose of producing professionals capable of answering global challenges and demonstrating high ethical and moral standards.

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Quality Policy

Imparting value based education of the highest standard, relevant to contemporary world. Our core values are quality, equality, morality, environmental sustainability, energy-saving and strong commitment to the cause of technical education and services. We believe in… 1). Equitable and harmonious growth of students, staff, society and industry. 2). Quality services and education to train students enlightened with vision to be committed citizen with strong civic sense and high moral standard, having concern for local and global problems


Principal’s Message

Education is all about training the mind. A creative and reflective mind is the source of all flows of positive energy. The entire journey of man from pre historic times to the present information age can be attributed to this forceful flow of creative energy.

We are on the threshold of making history. As India equips itself to take its rightful place in the comity of nations, it faces new challenges every day. The world is acknowledging the power of the Indian people. It is true that the future is full of promises and possibilities, but it is also true that possibilities can turn into realities only when we have trained and skilled personnel with a socially responsible and economically independent bent of mind.

We firmly believe that young minds need to prepare for the ever-evolving job market. Equally, if not more, important is preparing students to be responsible and proud citizens of the 21st century India. We are proud of the fact that we give equal importance to both these facets while preparing our students for the challenges of life.

At SRK, we take special care to ensure that we do not churn out kids only with individualistic characteristics and inflated egos. We do not believe in creating society where there are skills without values, where there is only competition and no compassion. While we are very proud of our record of preparing students for competitive advantage in their lives, we are equally happy about the values and beliefs that we are inculcating in them.

We welcome you to our sprawling campus situated amidst sylvan surroundings that will ignite your inherent and latent creativity and spur you to think on your own. We also invite you to have a look of the physical infrastructure and other support facilities that are unique, tempting and ever enchanting. So, welcome to this great temple of learning where you can make your dreams and aspirations come true.

We believe as John W. Gardner said, that “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”

The pursuit of excellence is a way of life at SRK Institute of Management & Computer Education. We give the students our best in terms of course structure, infrastructure, technological advancement and educational ambience. Recognizing the enormous potential of education, we try our utmost in providing to them the most prized and cutting-edge qualification so as to create a highly competent pool of techno business elite for tomorrow.

We make available a blend of academic, cultural and intellectual resources so as to provide the students with a vibrant and dynamic environment for all round, harmonious development of their personality. Striving ceaselessly to provide more engaging and conducive learning environment, the conventional  classroom teaching is supplemented by such leaning opportunities as seminars, workshops, guest and extra mural lectures, paper presentations etc. It is for these reasons that this Institute has emerged as a dream destination for those aspiring to attain the highest degree of excellence and proficiency in education.

(Prof.) Mrs. Surbhi. A. Ahir