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The SRK institute of Management, & Computer Education was established in 2006 under the aegis of the karmaniketan Trust founded by its illustrious president Shri. Arjanbhai Kangad. The institute has a very clear-cut perspective of becoming academically responsive to the requirements of the Indian industry and commercial establishments. It has a set for itself the goals of a flair for innovation and capacity for adapting to the changing corporate scenario. The institute draws its strength from a pool of a highly qualified and experienced faculty

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To create excellent learning ambience through innovation in teaching, research and consultancy for the purpose of producing professionals capable of answering global challenges and demonstrating high ethical and moral standards.

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Quality Policy

Imparting value based education of the highest standard, relevant to contemporary world. Our core values are quality, equality, morality, environmental sustainability, energy-saving and strong commitment to the cause of technical education and services. We believe in… 1). Equitable and harmonious growth of students, staff, society and industry. 2). Quality services and education to train students enlightened with vision to be committed citizen with strong civic sense and high moral standard, having concern for local and global problems


Chairman’s Message:

Hari Om,

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to my brain child, the SRK Institute of Management & Computer Education.

It has a sprawling campus spread over a stretch of 18 acres of undulated land between Sapeda and Ratnal, and equidistant from Bhuj and Gandhidham. Its awesome buildings beckon you like a magician’s hub from a long distance. It has beautiful interiors, state of the art equipment and apparatus electronic and gadgets an in depth scenario where eyes can rest in peace. And here you will spot jubilant youths walking firmly on their feet, jumping and frolicking , brimming with confidence and opening their eyes to an era of wisdom. The wisdom that they are taught to acquire at the Institute is aimed not only to equip them with the technical know-how of an ever-expanding world of trade, industry and technology, but also to mould them into conscientious, discriminating citizens of resurgent India that expects them to contribute their mite to its emergence as a superpower in the comity of advanced nations. The gen next we are training to take over from the current pool of experts and ideologues will have a vision in their eyes to look beyond the horizon into infinite and an urge to reach the moon and pluck the stars from the blue firmament.

Arjanbhai S. Kangad